Seamless texture with spices and herbs

Protect your spicy investment.

Spices, for many it means spicy heat but on the contrary, they come in many forms, such as seeds, bark, roots, fruit or stems from a variety of plants and trees. Spices are full of unique and wonderful flavours and used to enhance both sweet and savoury dishes. I prefer my spices in both forms. Whole spice is known for being vigorous but like a caterpillar comes alive into a beautiful butterfly when sizzling in hot oil creating wonderful, wholesome, earthy aromas. Whereas ground spices are bold and warming that when used in sauces release an intense burst of flavour.

If you have accumulated quite the spice collection over the years but struggling to store your flavorful bounty why not protect your spicy investment by keeping it fresher for longer by following these easy and simple tips.

  • Store spices in airtight containers and definitely away from direct heat and sunlight. Preferably in a cupboard, pantry or drawer to avoid the reduction in quality to the essential oils.
  • When in doubt purchase smaller packets of spices and place them into a spice dabba (spice dabba is an airtight Indian spice container that has separate compartments keeping spices organised and fresh. Alternatively, why not try my (Anisha Mistry Spices) Kit, which packages spices in smaller quantities specifically designed for meat, seafood and vegetables.
  • Another easy solution is to put your herbs, spices and seasonings that you use most frequently at the front and centre of your cupboard or draw. There isn’t much need to fit cinnamon sugar into a spice rack if you only use it once a year or better still why keep something around you only use once a year when you can make it fresh?!

These are just a few well-loved and frequently used ideas. These simple ideas avoid squirrelled away spices in bags and overflown spices stuffed into tiny jars, spilling loose powder either on the floor or the cupboard every time you go to use it.


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