What’s your favourite coffee? My favourite way to drink coffee is by using a moka cafeteria (also known as a coffeemaker) heated up on a stove. I enjoy mine with a touch of brown sugar and sweetened with real Chantilly cream. I do love traditional Spanish coffee too, it’s smooth, deep in flavour and fresh tasting, especially as a pick me up on a cold winter morning.

I call this an honest coffee recipe, but really, it’s my guilty pleasure of coffee with a bit of fluffy, whipped cream dusted with cinnamon.

Oh, one last thing, relax and enjoy…you deserve it!


3 teaspoons freshly ground coffee
1 moka cafeteria (stove-top coffeemaker)
Brown sugar for taste
Cinnamon powder to dust
150ml double cream/ whipping cream, chilled
1 1/2 tablespoons icing sugar


Firstly, place a small, pouring glass jug in the fridge and chill for up to an hour.

Once chilled, pour the cream into the jug and add the icing sugar. Whisk vigorously and as soon as the mixture thickens and becomes firm place back into the fridge until serving time.

When ready, fill the heating vessel with water so it reaches just below the valve.

Place the funnel on top and spoon in the coffee. Seal in the remaining coffee components.

Place onto a medium heat until you hear the water boiling. Wait for the coffee to come through the small column and collect in the coffee collector.

The result; rich, authentic coffee in just minutes with an aromatic flavour.

Prepare the coffee into your desired cup and add sugar if necessary. (brown works best to compliment the smooth flavour of the coffee).

Using a spoon, dollop generous amounts of the Chantilly cream on top, dust with cinnamon powder and enjoy hot.


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