Chic is where you find it, especially when it comes to Italians. They are the connoisseurs of extravagant opulence, be it fashion or food Italian fashion is about an attitude; a custom-made style with fluidity and sophistication. A svelte Italian woman is poise and symbolises confidence through a tradition of seduction and refinement handed down through generations seeming artless and this is what Anna Marconi has created through true Italian style of passion, trend and originality.

Anna Marconi has been honoured to collaborate with Canali, excellent pioneers in aesthetic perfection of men’s stylish suits. Her mission is to recreate Canali’s SS15 collection of clean, sharp, modernistic designed suits into refined cocktails with elegance and charm to demonstrate trends worn to give sensory seduction to the fashion-conscious that would go for something trendy, classic and genuine.

Using the runway looks for inspiration Anna Marconi has intertwined Canali’s fresh take on iconic pieces from the SS15 collection to recreate a contemporary, luxury feel to cocktails using Canali’s rich textile, premium fabrics and distinct features for a glowing cocktail with a radiant palette.

The Toody Apricot is a beautiful creation of graceful character, just like Canali themselves. It has a luxurious feel that gently caresses the lips with refreshing, bitter-sweet flavours creating the perfect delight for a Mediterranean summer. The project showcases Anna’s flavour enhancing the experience, immersing fashion and exquisite style and replicating them into a visual experience by using meticulous attention to detail of soft lines and clean cuts to show off the best of the Canali design into exquisite cocktails that are pushing the boundaries of fashion and cocktails.

So, if the Apricot Toody has got your attention, then check out more of Anna’s inspirational concoctions and bring pleasure to your senses.

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