Orange and Coffee are undoubtedly the perfect breakfast, companions but apart from breakfast the flavours are perfectly balanced in anything to everything, from liqueurs to crêpes and tea cakes to confections. Traditionally Zabagliones are made with spirits but who could argue with coffee. This sweet dessert is much lighter in texture and in colour yet still smooth with a lingering flavour of coffee/orange that proves to be as good as finishing off a day as it is beginning one.


Serves 2

2 egg yolks
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
25 grams Lindt Orange Intense chocolate
60 ml freshly brewed coffee, chilled


Place the egg yolks and caster sugar in a large mixing bowl, using a hand-held electric beater, whisk away until the mixture is a pale yellow.

Finely grate the chocolate, using a spatula gently fold the chocolate into the egg mixture. After fold in the chilled coffee into the chocolate mixture.

Place the bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water, using the hand-held electric beater (on the lowest speed) gently whisk the mixture as it slowly cooks being careful not to overcook as it will curdle.

Once the mixture thickens, spoon into small coffee cups and serve warm with delicious biscuits ideal for sharing.

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