For many of us, the summer brings an abundance of indulgent food and lots of relaxation and it’s hard to give up holiday sweets and treats when normality sets in.

So, this recipe is for all of you. It’s festive and elegant and easy to whip up last minute. You can leave it vegetarian, by simply adding in fruits and other nuts and seeds, to suit your taste, or you can add your favourite cured meats to make it more of a complete meal.

This luscious salad is a heavenly combination of seasonal summer flavours. With tasty, juicy fruits and grilled cheese, this salad needs no dressing other than a drizzle of Azada’s Olive Oil and Orange, prior to serving. It’s perfect as a light lunch on a warm evening or as part of a shared meal with friends and family.


Serves 2

A generous drizzle of Azada Olive Oil & Orange
100 grams mixed lettuce leaves (spinach, rocket, curly endive, red cabbage and Dark Lolla Rosa)
175 grams ripe baby figs, halved
80 grams fresh blueberries
100 grams goat cheese roll, cut into round discs – ½ inch thickness
100 grams jamón serrano, wafer-thin slices
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar


Set the grill to the highest setting. Meanwhile, place the goats’ cheese discs on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. Lightly sprinkle the tops with a layer of vanilla sugar. Place under the hot grill until the sugar melts and forms a thin, golden brown layer of a sugar coating.

Spread the lettuce leaves across a large serving platter. Gently place the caramelised goats’ cheese on top of the lettuce leaves and arrange the jamón serrano ham on top and around the cheese, weaving them in and out of each other. Top with the blueberries and figs.

Drizzle with Azada’s Olive Oil & Orange and serve!

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