Wine Law and Policy
From National Terroirs to a Global Market

Chapter 13 The Barolo Appellation of Origin in the Global Market
Authors: Anisha Mistry and Luca Valente Pages: 373–391

Editors: Julien Chaisse, Fernando Dias Simões, and Danny Friedmann

This 26-chapter volume brings together leading academics and practitioners to examine how wine law and policy have gradually moved from national terroirs to a global market. It is the first holistic study of the comprehensive field of wine law which posits that the wine laws and regulations have caused an enormous imbalance between different jurisdictions, which has either resulted in the overregulation, which stifles innovation, and under-regulation, which leaves many a wine consumer clueless about what they are drinking. This book brings together legal scholarship about trade law, intellectual property rights, and health law and policy which are all relevant for the future of the wine industry.